Encouraging Work-life Balance

A good work-life balance is crucially important to wellbeing. We have a range of systems, policies and informal practices in place to help employees achieve a balance that works for them.

Work-Life Balance Charters

Many of our teams at our Restaurant Support Centre and in the field have work-life balance charters which they wrote as a team to agree how to achieve a good balance over a period of time. These charters are regularly reviewed and teams can discuss openly whether they feel the balance is right.

Part-time Workers

Our restaurants offer varied shift patterns and lengths, creating flexible working options for all our people. We could not function as a business without this approach!

Flexible Working

We recognise the benefits that shorter, more flexible hours can have for both employees and the business, given our trading hours and patterns. We recruit for a diverse workforce, including people who may prefer to work fewer hours a day across a working week. We measure our restaurants on their ability to create and hire for these shorter shifts, and find that employees can maintain higher levels of energy and enthusiasm of the increased flexibility.

Many employees work flexible hours. We treat every flexible working request on an individual basis and encourage and support coaches to make every reasonable attempt to facilitate these requests. Home working is common among our non-restaurant and field-based workforce.

The restaurants we own do not use zero-hour contracts. A small number of franchisees do operate these contracts in a responsible way, based on the circumstances of individual restaurants and employees.

Faith Flexibility

KFC is very open to requests from employees who wish to work flexible schedules for religious reasons, and has people from different faiths who do so.

Holiday Allowance

Our holiday allowance for new starters is 25 days, and we provide an extra five days after five years of working at KFC.

Maternity and Paternity Support

We offer extensive support to mums-to-be before and after they take maternity leave. Human resources facilitates open and supportive conversations between the employee and their coach during what can be an emotional time. We provide Maternity Information Packs, which include all the required forms and advice on how to complete them. We encourage Keep In Touch (KIT) days that enable a gradual return to work. Our Buddy System gives mums the option to team up with another mum when they return to work, so they have support from someone who can relate to their situation. We also hold returning-mum lunches which act as a support network.

All Store Management and Restaurant Support Centre (RSC) Employees are also entitled to receive 2 weeks Enhanced Paternity Pay as long as they are eligible for Ordinary Paternity Leave and are eligible for Statutory Paternity Pay.