Training and Development

“Training and Development is the life blood of KFC UKI. We have bold vision to be famous in the UK as the best provider of training and education in the country. That’s because 1) it’s a vehicle for making our business better, and 2) it’s a major opportunity for us to help the 24,000 people in our teams to develop the personal, leadership and life skills they need to be able to build the career that’s right for them. That’s why we invest the time and effort to offer fantastic programs like the KFC Degree, Apprenticeships and the various programs that make up Yum! University.”
James Watts
HR Vice President UK
Training in Store

Training and education is a way for our business to benefit team members and society as a whole. Not everyone automatically sees the quick-service restaurant industry as their first career choice, and we want to change that view by offering first-class development opportunities. We promoted 1,500 people last year and expect to exceed that figure in 2014.

Each restaurant has a manager, one or two assistant managers, and three or four supervisors. An average drive-thru will recruit a team of 40–45 team members before opening. Managers are often recruited locally and will spend time training in other restaurants before their restaurant opens. Our intention is for every employee to have the opportunity to go through a formal qualification process and benefit from the resulting confidence and credentials.

All our training is provided through the Yum! University UK, which has five faculties. We are also exploring how elements of the curriculum can be opened up to the local community and we will report progress on this in next CSR update.