Recruiting for Attitude and Building a Relationship

Recruitment FairOur ‘How We Win Together’ Principles determine the characteristics we seek in prospective new employees. We also have a set of competencies aligned to these values. Our approach is to recruit people who fit our culture, as training can provide the skills to do the job. We look for people with the potential to move on from the position they’re hired, so that we help people build a great career while developing future leaders for elsewhere in Yum! KFC UK and Ireland is Yum!’s biggest source of talent – in 2013 we exported a record number of people into leadership roles around the world. This success stems from hiring the right people in the first place.

Wherever possible, we recruit internally and the majority of restaurant management positions went to existing employees. All candidates from team members to directors go through a thorough recruitment process, which we see as a two-way assessment. Online screening tests ensure candidates are right for the business, and realistic job previews enable candidates to experience the job first-hand before deciding to join us.

We hold group events for potential team members, which include group exercises and time spent with teams in restaurants so we can assess their fit with our culture.

Building relationships with candidates throughout the hiring process is important. We communicate with team member-level candidates at least four times during the process, to ensure we’ve both had chance to make an impression. After the recruitment process, we often ask candidates to complete a survey on the interview process, to help us get even better at recruiting great talent.

Feeding back to all candidates

Every person who applies to work with us should get something positive from the experience, whether successful or not. We provide practical feedback to candidates on how they performed. All candidates who don’t pass the online assessment receive an email with links to the Job Centre and Total Jobs for advice on other vacancies and interview skills. In future, these emails will also include advice on CV writing and YUM! competencies, for those wishing to reapply.

Graduate recruitment

In 2013, KFC launched its Operations Leadership Programme for Graduates, designed to fast-track graduates into restaurant manager roles within 12 months and ensure we have talented leaders for the future. Restaurant training for the nine graduates hired in 2013 is well underway. We will also participate in Graduate Skills Sessions on university campuses and have launched a graduate microsite to talk directly to graduates about a leadership career at KFC. The campaign to attract top talent applies equally to existing employees. Screen Shot

With high rates of youth unemployment and the increasing cost of university education, there is a need for employers offering development programmes for people wishing to leave school straight into industry. In 2014, we will launch our college leavers project, visiting colleges and meeting with school leavers and their parents about career and educational opportunities at KFC.

Skills Events – North East and London

In 2013 KFC UK/I attended the North East and London Skills Events, this year run by the National Skills Service, Apprenticeships and Prospects. These events are aimed at promoting careers and training for 15-24 year olds, inspiring them to consider a full time career while continuing their education with us. Over 20,000 people attend these events over the combined three-day events in September and November.