Recognising our people’s efforts is incredibly important to us. It’s one reason people stay and grow their career at KFC, and which people cite when asked why they wanted to join our team. Employees hand out recognition cards almost daily to each other which feature a personal thank you message and details of what the person is being recognised for. The cards can be customised online, and many employees have also created personal recognition awards. We run various recognition challenges throughout the business and encourage everyone to post recognition from their restaurant, area, region or function on our Glassboard a multi platform application which allows everyone to share photos, news and congratulations. There are hundreds of Glassboard groups including restaurants, areas, regions and functions.

Restaurant manager of the year awards

Restaurant managers receive awards at our annual Restaurant General Manager conference, a huge event to recognise our best performers in front of 1,000 of their peers. During 2012, all restaurant managers had the opportunity to compete for a BMW, with the winner awarded at the conference in January 2013. Monika Cupar, a restaurant manager from Meadowbank in Edinburgh won the car, for delivering the best customer service throughout the year as measured by our mystery customer programme. Her restaurant won £5,000 to organise a team event to celebrate.

At the conference, we also hold a champagne reception to recognise our Champions Club. This club is made up of our 25 top-performing restaurant managers, and in 2013 we took them to Monaco to thank them for their hard work. Our Restaurant Support Centre team receive awards at our annual Christmas party.

Employee Award Scheme

Our Employee Award Scheme recognises team members and team leaders throughout the year. Awards are given within each region, and include employee of the month, being best at up-selling products and having a five-star smile.

Restaurant Team Celebrations

However hard you try, big, glitzy awards can only touch so many people each year. So, as well as giving out formal awards, we encourage restaurant managers to celebrate success with their teams whenever they can. We invest money and resources to help them plan fantastic events; restaurant managers often take their teams to theme parks, 10-pin bowling, paint balling and for meals out. We ask them to send in pictures to share with teams in other restaurants and at the head office.

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