Wellbeing Programme – Mywellbeing

We take employee wellbeing very seriously and are committed to helping our people feel healthy and happy at work and elsewhere. We recently established a health and wellbeing squad, which has board-level sponsorship. The squad is tasked with developing a comprehensive wellbeing strategy for KFC.

In January 2013, we launched a Wellbeing Challenge for restaurant managers, and later for employees at our Restaurant Support Centre. We gave employees a pedometer and challenged them to make small changes to their exercise routine and nutrition that will combine to improve their wellbeing. Wellbeing Challenge winners receive £1,000, £500 and £250 cash prizes respectively. It is now run quarterly and all employees in restaurants (owned and franchise) and head office can participate.

“I really enjoyed taking part in the Wellbeing Challenge. I did it so that I could change certain aspects about my life but I got that and more! My goals were to quit smoking, eat healthily and exercise regularly; doing the Challenge pushed me to achieve those things. I have quit smoking and lost weight, I’m in better shape, I feel healthier, my skin feels clearer, I have more energy/stamina. But most importantly it’s helped my self-esteem, confidence and determination. I can see it’s making a difference! I know I’m doing better at things inside of work and out - achieving more! It’s even rubbing off on to friends and work colleagues. It inspired me to sign up to The Nuts Challenge, raising money for WFP, it was tough but so much fun, I recommend everyone to try it! I wish I could influence everyone to do this, it really has changed my life and I will continue to live this way and never look back!”
Jade Colvin
Team Leader, Pontypridd, a recent winner of £1,000 cash prize

Wellbeing assessments and Champions

We have partnered with workplace wellness consultants, Right Management, to give employees day-to-day guidance via an online wellbeing tool. A questionnaire assesses various aspects of their wellbeing including sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise to help them understand their current wellness and to give advice on practical changes to improve their health and wellbeing.

We are following up the launch of the wellbeing assessments with rallies throughout the year. At these wellbeing rallies, employees can have their cholesterol and blood pressure checked, and be tested for diabetes. At head office and in the field, Wellbeing Champions act as ambassadors for the programme: promoting initiatives, sharing regional success stories and keeping the programme alive at a regional level.

We recently introduced fridges and microwaves to all restaurant team rooms, and at regional rallies in October nutritional experts shared recipe ideas designed specifically for KFC, using KFC products to produce a healthy microwavable lunch. We will continue to introduce nutritious recipes to restaurants on a monthly basis, for all employees to take advantage of. At the head office, we provide nutritious breakfast options and have fruit available all day.

Right Management undertook online self-assessments in January-November 2013, and the health and wellbeing scores show a medium to high health risk, which is average compared to other companies, and engagement scores are positive and above average when compared externally. We are committed to maintain the assessments and tailor our health and wellbeing programme accordingly.