Employees’ Rights and Responsibilities

2014 Yum! Brands Code of ConductAll employees have the right to work in a fair and safe environment. Our Worldwide Code of Conduct holds us all accountable for treating our colleagues with fairness and respect, so we can each be rewarded based on our performance. For more information or to view the Worldwide Code of Conduct, visit www.yum.com/investors/governance/conduct.html.

There is no place in our organisation for any type of harassment or discrimination because of age, gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical abilities. Our ‘Speak Up’ hotline is available to all employees providing support and advice on workplace issues.

Ensuring a safe working environment

The safety of our team members and customers is paramount within our business. Our restaurants and operations comply with all relevant health and safety legislation. We have a fully documented health and safety management system and provide health and safety training to all of our team members.

Our operations comply with all current health and safety statutory obligations and follow best practice in relation to health, safety and welfare matters. Our aim is to ensure we operate a safe place to work and visit at all times. All of our team members complete health and safety training.

The management of health and safety is deeply embedded in our primary business objectives and in the activities of our operations. In order to maintain, continually improve and promote standards of health, safety and welfare at KFC UK and Ireland we operate a health and safety forum encouraging consultation and co-operation between team members, contactors and customers. The forum is used to recommend, develop, implement, monitor and review Policy, Codes of Practice and actions to ensure the health, safety and welfare of team members, contractors and customers.

In addition, franchisees and licensees are provided with safety and security standards as well as training set forth in our operational policies and procedures.

We also have a number of programmes in place to continuously improve our health and safety efforts. This includes operating a Primary Authority with Woking Borough Council. The Primary Authority partnership delivers reliable advice and a coordinated and consistent enforcement for the business by environmental health authorities.

Members of our senior leadership team receive period safety and performance data and we commit to sharing this data in our next CSR update.

Equal opportunities

KFC UK and Ireland is committed to maintaining a working environment that respects and supports the human rights for all of our employees.

Diversity training

We aim to be as diverse as the communities we serve. We have always been an ethnically diverse organisation, but we’re careful not to become complacent. In 2010, we introduced practical diversity awareness training for our management teams, Senior Leadership Team and senior operators. This explores ways to identify and remove the less obvious barriers to diversity.

Ethics and compliance

Our success is built on the integrity and high ethical standards of our employees. Our ethics and compliance program, based on the Yum! Worldwide Code of Conduct, demands the highest ethical standards in all our operations around the globe.

Worldwide Code of Conduct

Yum!'s Worldwide Code of Conduct, adopted in 1997, is more than a document - it is the foundation for the way we conduct ourselves and do business throughout the world, including in the UK and Ireland. It calls for the highest standards of ethical behaviour from all employees. The Code describes important standards of conduct required of directors and employees and is available at www.yum.com/investors/governance/conduct.html.

Employee relations

The ability of our people is one of our greatest strengths. We expect employees to hold themselves accountable to the highest professional standards and base all their working relationships on mutual respect. It is our policy:

  • To deal fairly with employees;
  • To provide equal opportunity for all in recruiting, hiring, developing, promoting and compensating without regard to race, religion, color, age, gender, disability, genetic information, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship, national origin, or other legally protected status;
  • To maintain a professional, safe and discrimination-free work environment;
  • To recognize and compensate employees based on their performance; and
  • To provide a competitive array of benefits.