Benefits and Support

Salary and Other Benefits

New Team Members earn the national minimum wage, while base pay for longer serving Team Members, Team Leaders, Assistant Managers and Managers is in the median range for the hospitality industry as a whole. A restaurant manager’s base salary is between £22,000 and £44,500 depending on their experience and the size of the operation. KFC UK and Ireland is a place where you can learn while you earn – we offer a unique training and development programme including Level 2 and 3 Apprenticeship and opportunities for rapid promotion.

Salary benchmarks and annual performance reviews for all employees help check that our pay and benefits are fair. Salaried employees, including restaurant and assistant restaurant managers, are also eligible for childcare vouchers, pension provision and a bonus system based on company and personal performance. KFC UK and Ireland paid £2.2 million in bonuses to restaurant employees last year.

Incentives and Rewards

Our Sales Incentive Programme allows team members and team leaders in restaurants to share in the success of their restaurant. It is based on actual sales compared with forecasted sales over a four-week period. In 2013, eligible team members received their personal bonus in cash, in place of the previous voucher scheme. Restaurants performing well receive a sum to fund a team event. In 2013, we paid £508,650 in individual cash bonuses under this scheme, and £108,650 into restaurant team pots.

We encourage entrepreneurship by offering bonuses and share options based, in part, on individual restaurant results. Yumbucks is our profit share programme for restaurant managers and area coaches and gives them the chance to be an owner in YUM! In 2013, KFC UK and Ireland paid £660,836 in Yumbucks to these employees. In addition, 84% of restaurant managers received a performance bonus of £3,769 on average, or about 12% of their salary.

Flexible Benefits

Employee feedback from the Great Place To Work process in 2013 showed that our people really value their benefits package and the way we recognise their achievements. However, they’d also like to be able to tailor their benefits to their individual needs. In response, we’ve introduced a flexible benefits scheme called Pick & Mix for salaried employees including restaurant and assistant restaurant managers – around 11% of our employees. This offers a selection of options, so employees can choose the benefits that suit them from categories including Finance and Protection, Health and Wellbeing, and Leisure and Lifestyle. The new package also includes a new discounted shopping website.

For the second year, we are issuing Total Reward Statements, which provide an accurate valuation of the benefits our employees receive. This helps our people assess whether their package is competitive, and gives KFC the chance to promote our Yumbucks share incentive scheme.