Supplier Food Safety

We work with our suppliers to raise industry standards, improve quality and maintain the safety of all our products. We have rigorous systems for supplier approval and management, which they tell us is one of the most thorough and challenging systems they have experienced. We’re proud of that.


Suppliers are selected, assessed and rewarded through the Supplier Tracking Assessment and Recognition (STAR) system. It is a rigorous, industry-recognised audit system that sets and monitors standards for all suppliers. In 2012, we began testing and integrating the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) system into STAR. This helps suppliers globally to work to the same standards and provides an independent assessment to supplement our own audit programme.

In selecting a supplier, we look for food safety controls including hygiene, pest control, operations and facility management, good manufacturing practices and product protection, recovery and food security. As well as measuring and testing food safety and security practices, we also look for outstanding quality control, not just of our products, but in suppliers' management processes. We monitor, manage and encourage our suppliers to maintain and improve these systems.

All suppliers to KFC UK and Ireland are audited at least once per year, sometimes more often depending on risk and performance levels. We have a comprehensive, interactive online monitoring system that tracks supplier performance, which we upgraded in 2012-2013 to enhance supplier compliance monitoring and reporting. The highly secure system, named STARnet, enables suppliers and Yum! quality managers to manage all aspects of quality, from approving product specifications to reviewing and responding to product evaluations and STAR audits.