Supplier Code of Practice

KFC UK and Ireland Supplier Code of Practice

KFC UK/I aims to be a responsible and trusted food company. We recognise our responsibility for those who work in our supply chain, and take good care of natural resources including animals, vegetables, ingredients and packaging that go into our food and products.

The KFC UK/I Sourcing Code of Practice (The Code) includes specific standards to help us responsibly manage our supply chain and meet our aim of sourcing all food, packaging and products sustainably. The Code applies to all suppliers to KFC UK/I in all countries.

Our suppliers

  • We require our suppliers to provide safe, fair and healthy working conditions for their employees, to protect the natural environment and to promote animal welfare.
  • We are committed to building fair and sustainable relationships based on collaboration, so that together we can improve performance.
  • We require all our suppliers to comply with The Code, which applies to all suppliers to KFC UK/I wherever they are based. The Code constitutes the minimum standard we expect.

Labour standards

  • As a minimum, all suppliers must uphold internationally agreed standards of labour, comply with applicable national laws and work to continually improve their workplace and employment standards. We will only work with suppliers which can demonstrate a positive attitude to labour standards and human rights.

Bribery and Corruption

  • We expect all suppliers to have clear commitments, publicly available, to work against corruption and bribery in all its forms and to meet or exceed relevant legislation.


  • We require all our suppliers to minimise their negative environmental and social impacts and to have in place clear environmental policies and management systems.
  • We require suppliers to minimise their use of energy, water and raw materials and to minimise solid waste and effluent and to dispose of it in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner, to avoid contamination of the local environment and ensure that air, noise and odour limits are within nationally defined limits.
  • We also require suppliers to minimise chemical use and abide by international, national and sector specific Codes of Practice for the use, handling and disposal of pesticides and chemicals.


  • We will only purchase from companies which source wood, paper and pulp products from well-managed, sustainable sources.
  • We will not knowingly accept from our supply chain product that is harvested illegally or sourced from protected forest areas. We require our suppliers to buy wood fibre that is certified as responsibly sourced by a third-party.
  • We accept paper and packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and national certification systems endorsed by the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

Animal welfare

    We apply the Code to poultry suppliers in all countries and require the following as an absolute minimum from all poultry suppliers:
    • Uphold the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare by observing recognised humane practices and good animal husbandry;
    • Comply with the KFC Welfare Standard;
    • Meet UK and EU legal requirements and Red Tractor standards and work towards exceeding these in line with our existing suppliers;
    • Undergo third-party welfare audits.