Responsible Sourcing

KFC UK and Ireland aims to ensure our food and ingredients are made responsibly and sustainably all the way from the grower or farmer to our restaurants. We also want to source packaging materials that are easy for customers to dispose of.

The Environment section of this CSR update provides information on sustainable sourcing.

Quality potatoes from sustainable sourcesWe don’t own or manage any fields, farms or processing plants. Instead, we build longstanding, trusting and productive relationships with our suppliers to make sure they’re playing their part. Our Sourcing Code (The Code) provides guidance for all suppliers to KFC UK and Ireland based on specific commitments in each area of responsible and sustainable sourcing. We are working through the Code with all our suppliers to ensure compliance.

Ultimately, this means working with our suppliers so that together we don’t just minimise negative impacts but find ways to make a positive difference across our supply chain, for example by improving animal welfare and environmental best practices. This is an ambitious and complex goal.

As with most agricultural supply chains, our most important issues relate to labour standards, environmental protection, animal welfare and local sourcing.


The C Is For ChickenWe know it’s important to be clear about how and where we source our products, and to demonstrate that this is done responsibly and sustainably. This CSR online update along with the C is for Chicken and Lets Talk chicken sections of our website are our first steps. We are committed to working with our suppliers to develop simple, practical in-store information about who and where our products come from, and in 2014 we’ll explore how best to use our packaging and restaurants to provide this information.

We commit to regularly update the responsible sourcing section of this website throughout the year.

In 2014 we will explore with our suppliers the possibility to further open up our supply chain, by inviting local and national stakeholders to visit the poultry farms we source from. We will feedback progress on this in our next CSR update.