Type and Origin of Chickens

We use the same broiler chickens (those bred specially for meat production) as many leading retailers globally, with breeds including the Ross, Cobb and Hubbard.

You Know Where You Are with our Great British chicken posterAll our chickens are reared by suppliers in large barns, which are typically bedded with wood shavings or chopped straw. They are free to roam within these barns and the stocking density, or number of birds per barn, is defined by the Red Tractor standard, giving the birds more space and better conditions than the legal minimum.

KFC UK and Ireland has strict, audited guidelines that specify the light intensity and day length the birds experience, with the latest farms having systems which raise and lower lights to simulate dawn and dusk. EU law requires chickens to have at least six hours of night time, which we expect from suppliers globally.

There is growing scientific evidence that enrichment programmes which allow birds to express natural behaviour such as providing straw bales for birds to roost on, pull apart and dust-bathe, can improve welfare. We encourage such programmes, and all our UK-sourced chicken will come from farms with natural light, pecking objects and perches by 2014, and the figure currently stands at 74%.