Nutritional Improvements


Before the introduction of the Public Health Responsibility Deal, we were the first quick-service chain in the UK to stop salting our fries. We have maintained a programme to reduce the amount of salt in our food every year for more than five years and we recently became one of the first companies to sign the Salt Pledge as part of the Responsibility Deal, which commits us to further reducing salt by training employees and changing our kitchen practices.

Our efforts successfully cut the salt content in five of our chicken options by 8 – 20% in 2012. Specifically, salt content in recent years has fallen by: KFC Zinger Burger

  • 24% in our popcorn chicken since 2009
  • 30% in our Zinger chicken since 2011
  • 15% in our Hot Wings in 2012
  • 15% in our mini fillets in 2013

We are exploring an innovative technology that uses salt crystal to further reduce salt in our original recipe chicken without impacting taste.

Our aim is to deliver an additional 15% reduction in salt from our best-selling lines by the end of 2014.


Since 2007, KFC UK and Ireland gradually improved cooking oils by switching to rapeseed-based cooking oils that are high in monounsaturated fatty acids. These oils are healthier options as they are not closely linked to health problems such as cardiovascular disease. In 2011, we entirely removed palm oil from our fryers and replaced it with high oleic rapeseed oil and sunflower oil. This move has cut the saturated fat in our Original Recipe chicken, fillets and mini fillets by up to 25%.

In early 2014, we will remove the dressing from our corn on the cob, further reducing the saturated fat and calories from our menu.

All our products have been free from artificial trans fatty acids, which can contribute to heart disease, since 2007.