Sustainable Sourcing

BarnWe are committed to ensuring suppliers source and process our food and ingredients in a sustainable way that protects natural habitats and the wider environment. We require suppliers to have clear environmental policies and to introduce appropriate environmental management systems. To ensure this, we are reviewing supplier compliance with this requirement of our Supplier Code and will report on this in our next CSR update.

Sustainable sourcing is important for all commodities. For example, every cup of coffee sold at KFC UK is made only with beans from Rainforest Allianceā„¢ farms, and our PG Tips tea is also 100% Rainforest Alliance certified. Some of our poultry suppliers use soya in their feed, and those that do have signed the moratorium on deforestation for soya in the Amazon.

Rapeseed oilIn April 2011, our restaurants began frying in high oleic rape seed oil and sunflower oil instead of palm oil. Since then our palm oil usage has more than halved, from 4,900 tonnes to 2,035 tonnes. By the end of 2015, we aim for all the palm oil used in our products to have Green Palm certification, and for all our suppliers to be members of, or suppliers to members of, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. We will report levels of palm oil certification in our next CSR update.

The Food section of this CSR update sets our Supplier Code of Conduct and provides information on our poultry supply chain.