Recycling Waste Oil

A truck that has a fry basket in the backReducing all the types of waste our restaurants generate is important. All our waste cooking oil is turned into biodiesel – each year, KFC restaurants around the UK recycle around 7.75m litres of low-trans-fat vegetable oil into biodiesel.

CHiP (Combined Heat and Power) Unit and Tidy Planet

Our restaurant in Trafford, Manchester is using waste cooking oil to provide all the hot water it needs and generate up to 15% of its total annual electricity requirement.

Tidy Planet logo

This is thanks to the CHiP, a small-scale cogeneration system developed by Tidy Planet, which turns used cooking oil into fuel for generating electricity and thermal energy - all in the same building. This saves on energy costs and eliminates the need to transport the waste oil away for treatment and disposal.

Installed in November 2013, the system will reduce transport-related CO2 emissions by more than 4,000 tonnes per year by eliminating over 1,000 miles travelled to waste disposal sites. And because the CHiP is 50% more efficient than a typical power station, using the energy it produces will cut a further 1,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the store each year.

We have plans to introduce CHiP units in two additional stores early in 2014 and are working towards further roll outs of the units later in the year.

This creates a closed-loop system that provides a use for a major waste stream and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels.