Non-customer ‘Back Of House’ Waste

Every restaurant generates ‘back of house’ waste including packaging, oil and food. We have recently undertaken an assessment of waste management in company-owned restaurants in Scotland, which revealed that we recycle almost 60% of our waste across all streams.

Interim data for Total Back of House Recycling Only (tonnes)
Company Owned Restaurants in Scotland
Average tonnes per week per store Average tonnes per week for all Scottish stores (44 stores) Average tonnes per year for Scotland
Recycled food waste 0.24 10.59 550.49
Oil 0.20 8.68 451.19
Dry Mixed Recycling 0.31 13.65 709.74
Cardboard 0.06 2.64 137.28
General Waste 0.56 24.55 1,276.60
TOTAL WASTE PRODUCED 1.37 60.10 3,125.30
TOTAL RECYCLED 0.81 35.55 1,848.70
% of total waste recycled 59.14%

It is important to generate less waste as well as sending less to landfill, and we have set a new target to help achieve this.

  • To recycle at least 80% of ‘back of house’ waste by 2015
  • For zero waste to be sent to landfill by the end of 2015

‘Back of House’ packaging

As well as using customer-facing packaging that is recycled and widely recyclable, we require the same for the packaging for the ingredients delivered to our restaurants, where possible. Almost 100% of back of house packaging is made from materials that can be recycled. The challenge is that some of this packaging will come into contact with food that cannot be easily removed, so many recycling facilities will not accept it.

We are undertaking a detailed review of non-recyclable products, such as the foil lids on sauce bottles and the sauce canisters we use in our restaurants. We will use the results to assess how and when to remove or replace such items with a recyclable option and report our progress in our next CSR update.