Energy and Carbon Management

A sunny day outside with a flowing green hill and trees in the backgroundReducing energy use at KFC UK and Ireland is the best step we can take to cut our carbon footprint. In 2013 we commissioned our energy consultants to help us develop a new energy reduction target and an energy reduction programme for our restaurants for cutting energy use and carbon. As well as looking at our energy use and intensity, they considered the way we buy and use energy. The new target is informed by our Carbon Reduction Commitment submission, which includes data from our franchisees and is based upon total electricity spend and the number of customer transactions.

Reduce total energy use per customer transaction by 20% by 2020, from 2012 levels across both company-owned and franchised restaurants.

To achieve our new energy reduction target, we have developed a programme of prioritised investments in energy management and will spend over £7 million by 2020 to make the restaurants we own 20% more energy efficient. Our operations teams will focus on year-on-year energy efficiency improvements towards our goal and their priorities are:

  • Learning from our Eco Stores to make sure new restaurants are highly energy efficient
  • Operating and maintaining our stores so they use energy as efficiently as possible
  • Monitoring energy consumption and setting reduction targets
  • Regularly and transparently reporting our performance to be clear about whether we’re on track
  • Communicating the strategy and its benefits to franchisees

Our aim for 2014 is to reduce energy costs across our operations by up to 4%.

Carbon Trust Standard - Reducing CO2 Year on Year

Carbon Trust Certification

In early 2011, KFC UK and Ireland achieved the Carbon Trust Standard, which recognises companies for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions each year. We became recertified in October 2012, and plan to reapply in 2014.

KFC UK and Ireland recognise that renewable energy could play a role in our carbon management strategy in the future. For now, we continue to consult with our energy suppliers on energy performance plans and renewable credits.

Yum! has participated in Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting since 2010 and as part of this KFC UK and Ireland has submitted data since 2012. The project examines how well companies are reducing their carbon footprint that affects climate change and has a long-term impact on our environment. The report allows potential investors and shareholders to view the detail of the Yum! submission and in the 2013 report the score for Yum! increased to 92/B.

To view the 2013 full CDP report click here