Responsible Restaurant Management

We run a programme of reinvestment and refurbishment across all owned and franchised restaurants. Customer areas in both cases are refreshed every five years and undergo full remodelling every 10 years. This means at least 95% of KFC restaurants are at current brand standard at any given time.

Litter management

Community Litter PickingThe cleanliness of our restaurants is paramount. Litter is unsightly, unhygienic and upsetting to local residents, and can deter customers and damage our relationship with local people. That’s why every restaurant has a litter-picking programme to minimise litter in its grounds and in the wider community.

Where possible, we provide four litter bins per site, more on larger sites, and empty these at least four times per day. A waste management company helps us to recycle litter and food waste wherever possible.

Our litter-picking programme is described below:

In daylight hours

We collect all litter in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant. Our staff also conduct regular patrols for KFC litter in the areas surrounding the restaurant, and up to 100m in some cases following DEFRA guidance. The scope and distance of the litter pick is agreed for each restaurant. For team safety reasons, we don’t enter private property and the Council removes litter on the roads. Our litter pickers also check our bins and replace the liners as needed.

After dark

Employee safety is very important to us, but people still litter after dark. Our Quick Pick Litter Pick takes place in well-lit areas that are easily visible from the customer areas at the front of the restaurant. Employees don’t have to carry out the task if they don’t feel able to do so safely. We ran successful pilots for litter picks at night which we rolled out in 2012 across the country. Our team members wear high visibility jackets as they conduct these and are already telling us that they have been extremely well received in local communities.


Litter picks take place four times a day in summer and three times daily in winter and the first litter pick is carried out as early as possible before opening.

Litter-picking method

We use a litter grabber to collect litter and place it into a plastic bag for disposal. We collect any litter within the immediate vicinity of the restaurant, and only KFC litter from a greater distance.


Litter picks are routinely recorded. In addition, they are monitored through regular checks by the duty manager, during visits from Area and Regional Coaches, during quarterly unannounced evaluations, and by mystery shoppers.

Our customers and partners

We encourage customers to dispose of their litter responsibly, and provide waste bins inside and outside our restaurants. We are working in partnership with Love Where You Live (part of Keep Britain Tidy) to get the message across.

We’re happy to support local initiatives for preventing litter, such as Fixed Penalty Schemes, sponsored litterbins and shared litter-picks with other businesses.