KFC and The Work Foundation Youth Insight Report

The Work FoundationIn 2013, we partnered with the Work Foundation to publish the first ever KFC Youth Insight Report. The report provides in-depth research into the key issues and attitudes behind youth unemployment in the UK. The report examines the thoughts and opinions of 2,000 young people aged 16-24, who were questioned on their views of work and training. We embarked on this research because we employ many young, ambitious people. Finding out about their aspirations for work and training is important. We also feel a responsibility to help young people overcome the issues they face.

The results were pretty conclusive – the vast majority of workers would prefer their employer to give them accredited training before higher wages. A huge 72% workers with some qualifications were keen for their employers to help them further their education.

James Watts at the ConferenceThe research also found that organisations involved in helping young people move from education into work don’t coordinate their activities on a national level. In an ideal world, high-quality local programmes involving government, business and schools would exist in every community, supported by a national framework. The better all parties work together – locally and nationally – the better prepared young people will be for a meaningful career.

To support this, KFC is developing an initiative called Work Ready Workshops, where young jobseekers come to our stores and receive training from our employees. The idea is based on our training and development for employees.James Watts, our Vice President of Human Resources, took part in panel discussions at all three major political party conferences in September 2013, based on the findings of the Youth Insight Report. The report was published in October. Martin Shuker, our General Manager, discussed the findings on a BBC Breakfast News item.

“Our partnership with the Work Foundation is of huge importance to us. They are such a credible, knowledgeable organisation in the area of Youth Unemployment, a topic that’s very close to our hearts. This partnership gives us the chance to couple their knowledge, experience and research capability with our practical, day-to-day knowledge of working with thousands of young people every day. The result is some fantastic insight and ideas, into how large businesses can play a proactive role in helping young people today build meaningful careers.”
- James Watts

The National Skills Forum

Screen shot sample of the Youth Insight Infographic To support our ambition to be number one in the UK for training and development, we joined the National Skills Forum, an all-party parliamentary group on skills and employment. This will build on our partnership with the Work Foundation to further raise awareness of young people’s thoughts and attitudes towards work and training.