CSR at KFC UK and Ireland

Everything we do as a business affects the world to some degree. Our vision is to benefit society and the environment through the way we work, and by contributing to the communities where we operate. This vision influences how we source, transport and process our ingredients, food and packaging. It also determines how we support and develop our people, work with local communities, manage our restaurants and influence our customers’ health and well-being.


To make sure we do all we can to achieve our vision, we have developed a corporate social responsibility (CSR) framework based on four areas that reflect how we operate and where we can make the greatest difference: Food, People, Community and the Environment. Each area has a set of commitments that apply to the whole business. We are in the process of refining our data collection systems and will report more metrics in the future - especially when reporting progress against our new commitments.

This CSR Update describes our commitments and progress to date.