Message from Martin Shuker, Managing Director, KFC UK and Ireland

Welcome to our first CSR Update. We’ve created this section of our website because we want to reassure all our stakeholders – employees, suppliers and customers as well as professional bodies such as Government and public interest groups – that KFC UK and Ireland takes its responsibilities to people and the planet very seriously.

We also want to be honest about areas where we still have more work to do. The food industry faces some real challenges, such as how to source ingredients and packaging materials that are sustainable, without compromising food quality or safety. Perceptions of quick-service restaurants and the opportunities we offer are not always positive, so we also face challenges in changing opinions about the contribution our restaurants can make to a community.

We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by much that you read in this Update, such as the high expectations we set for the companies we source from in our Supplier Code of Practice and poultry welfare standard. It may also shatter some myths about working at KFC. We strongly believe that the training and formal qualifications we offer to all our team members, coupled with our national partnership with Barnardo’s, can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of young people who might otherwise struggle to find work.

Each of our restaurants earns its position in its local community by supporting local causes through volunteering and fundraising, and by going out to pick litter off the streets at least four times a day. Neither are we complacent about our role in helping people to improve their well-being – we have already made several improvements to the nutritional values in our menu and committed to several more – not least our active participation in the UK’s Responsibility Deal.

This Update describes our progress to date in all these areas and more, and sets out our plans for the future. I hope it makes interesting reading, and welcome any feedback on our commitments and approach.

Martin Shuker
Managing Director, KFC UK and Ireland